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Introducing the New Incoloy Conveyor Toaster from Dualit

Iconic British manufacturer, Dualit is delighted to be expanding its range of high-performance catering appliances with the launch of its new Incoloy Conveyor Toaster. Following three years of development, it has been designed to offer consistent and reliable service for catering establishments of all sizes, from boutique B&Bs to large-scale hotels, airport lounges or resorts.

Introducing the New Incoloy Conveyor Toaster from Dualit

Easy to use and quick to heat up thanks to durable Incoloy elements, the 2-slice Conveyor Toaster can be ready for service in just five minutes with the Quick Start Procedure, with slight adjustments to the toast settings required after ten minutes to maintain consistent browning as the Incoloy continues to heat up over a 30 minute period. Alternatively, the Fully Warm start up time is 30 minutes, after which the appliance will be capable of producing up to 560 slices of white toast or 1,200 slices of thinner fruit loaf an hour. The nine browning levels enable a wide range of bread types to be toasted to perfection, with white, granary, fruit, rye and bagel types all passing Dualit's famous Crunch Test. 

Additional benefits include the versatility of being able to warm bagels or buns if the top element is switched off via the Bagel Setting, controlled via a simple function control dial. A centred, sprung loaded belt and toast ramp have been optimised for toasted items to be removed with ease, whilst an anti-tamper guard can be affixed after the toasting settings have been decided upon. This ensures that the toast setting dial cannot be changed in buffet service*, meaning perfect toast every time for every guest. A Standby setting can be used during quiet periods, saving up to 70% of energy whilst allowing the toaster to return to full heat quickly when required. A removable crumb tray provides easy cleaning after a busy breakfast service, ensuring the Conveyor Toaster continues to work safely and efficiently.