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How to take Instagram pictures like a pro

We asked our in-house experts to share some top tips to help you style and take beautiful pictures of your home for Instagram.

How to take Instagram pictures like a pro

Set the scene

Make sure all surfaces and objects in the picture are spotlessly clean - give your Dualit products an extra buff with a dry cloth! Add something of interest, colour and texture to the shot, like a plant, bunch of flowers, or some beautiful kitchen accessories. Arrange the styling pieces slightly closer together than you probably would normally - layering them so that some items are closer to the camera than others. Consider, bringing the items forward, rather than having them flat against the wall. This creates the best effect on camera - especially if you are taking the shot straight on.

Get the lighting right

This really is key! Take your photo in natural light with no flash or internal lights switched on - this avoids shadows and yellowish hues. Avoid a beam of full sunlight streaming into your shot as while this can be interesting, it can often detract making it difficult for your camera to balance the very light parts of your picture with the dark parts, distorting the colour. A bright cloudy day creates the best lighting - but keep an eye on your room during the day and notice at what time the room is bright without lots of sunlight streaming through the windows. Keep your photos true to life - avoid filters that distort the colours.

Straighten your photos

The best Instagram shots are completely straight and square - make sure your lines are vertical and that horizontal lines are straight too. Your camera or phone may have guidelines to help you achieve this.

Focal points and the rule of thirds

Make sure your shot is interesting and has a purpose. What do you want the viewer to see? Professional photographers use the Rule of Thirds to help them take photos that are pleasing to the eye. The top tip is not to place your focal point in the centre of the photo and instead, move the angle slightly so that your focal point is either to the left or right of the shot. So for example, if your Dualit Classic Toaster is your focal point - move it off centre and take the shot at a lower level rather than from above.

Happy snapping - we can't wait to see your pictures!