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Goat’s Cheese Mousses

These mousses have a superb flavour and a deliciously smooth texture.

Goat’s Cheese Mousses

Preparation Time: 20 mins

Cooking Time: 20 mins

Serves: 6


These mousses have a superb flavour and a deliciously smooth texture.
They are easy to include on the menu when entertaining as the mousses can be kept warm for 15 minutes or so after coming out of the oven, if left standing in their cooking water.

Serve with small toasts of fresh French baguette spread with Tapenade.



  • 450g fresh soft goat's cheese
  • 300ml whipping cream
  • 150g chicken breast, well-trimmed
  • 3 cloves garlic, boiled in milk (or microwaved for 15 seconds) and crushed

To accompany and garnish:

  • 3 ripe, red tomatoes, seeds removed and cut into equal small pieces
  • 30ml best fruity extra virgin olive oil
  • 6 sprigs basil, rocket or mizuna
  • salt and pepper


You will need six oven-proof moulds or small ramekins, well buttered, and some baking parchment or butter paper to cover them. Chill the Inner Dualit Bowl and all the ingredients in the fridge while you get organised.



  1. Preheat the oven to 170ºC/Gas Mark 3-4
  2. Using the Inner Dualit Bowl fitted with its Chopping Blade, purée the cheese and the cream to combine - not too much or it will curdle.
  3. Transfer to a small bowl. There is no need to wash out the Dualit bowl - use it to purée the chicken and the garlic to a fine paste.
  4. Gently pour the cream mixture back into the bowl with the chicken mixture. Season generously and process until smooth.
  5. Press the mix gently but firmly into the moulds, pushing it against the sides with a table knife. Finally tap the bases on the worktop to remove air-bubbles. Cover each with a square of butter paper or baking parchment.
  6. Place the moulds in a roasting tray in the oven and using a kettle carefully pour hot water into the tray so it comes at least half-way up the sides of the moulds.
  7. Turn the oven down to 160ºC/Gas Mark 2-3.
  8. Cook for 20 minutes, or until set.
  9. When ready, a knife will come out not-quite- clean.
  10. Take out of the oven and allow mousses to stand in the roasting tray of hot water if not quite set.
  11. Turn out and serve hot.
  12. Sprinkle the tomato pieces around each mousse, drizzle with the olive oil, and place the herbs on top.