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Dualit introduces energy saving Conveyor toaster

The new DCT'T' 2-slice conveyor toaster from Dualit is revolutionary, featuring technology unique to Dualit. With its thermostatically controlled elements, the DCT'T' can reduce power consumption by up to 20%.

Dualit introduces energy saving Conveyor toaster

The DCT'T' maintains a constant toasting temperature by cycling the elements on and off when the conveyor is in an idle period, producing evenly browned toast time after time. For even further energy savings during quiet periods a manual power saver switch will reduce power consumption by a further 75%.

Forced convection energy gentle pre warms items while the quick start-up Radiant Quartz Red Heat elements can toast up to 360 pieces of bread an hour essential for easing queues of hungry customers and relieving the pressure on busy kitchens. The simple-to-use control panel, perfect for front-of-house use, features an element selector function to operate the top element to toast buns and bagels. Simply switch back to utilise both for normal toasting or select the power-save mode during off-peak periods.

Important safety functions include an override safety cut-out and an air intake fan to circulate cool air throughout the toaster to keep the exterior cool to the touch - paramount considerations within a commercial environment.Other key features include a heated holding area to keep toast warm and removable crumb tray to keep catering areas tidy.

Available now from Dualit, the DCT2T is the perfect companion to your kitchen and guarantees to be a faithful fixture for years to come, owing to Dualit's renowned engineering and durable components. 

Technical specifications

  • Capacity 2 slices
  • Output per hour 360 slices
  • Loading (kW) 2.8
  • Power 230v 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions (cm) 37 x 64 x 40
  • Weight (kg) 20