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Rum and Citrus Soaked Fruit

A mix of dried fruits soaked in rum or brandy to add a warming, festive flavour to any Christmas bake!

Rum and Citrus Soaked Fruit

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 10


With sharp lemon, zesty orange and the slight heat of alcohol, this recipe for Rum and Citrus Soaked Fruit is the perfect addition to Christmas Cakes, Christmas Puddings or any other dishes throughout the year. You can start preparing your fruit as far ahead of Christmas as you like and though you can make it a few days before you bake your cake, for the best flavour we recommend you start at least three weeks before you need it.


  1. Place the 2kg of dried fruit in a watertight and airtight container (this will need to be upturned periodically).
  2. Zest the rind of the oranges and lemons into the fruit.
  3. Cut the oranges and lemons in half and squeeze the juice - including some of the pulp - into the fruit.
  4. Push two halves of the oranges and two halves of the lemon as far into the fruit mix as you can and leave this to help flavour the mix (these can be removed and refreshed after several weeks).
  5. Pour in the rum, or brandy, and use a large spoon to mix in well.
  6. Cover with lid and leave to stand for a week.
  7. After one week, turn the container of fruit upside down. This allows the juices to soak through all the fruit to the top.
  8. Repeat Step 7 every week, continually flipping the container of fruit. Use as little or as much as you need and top up fruit as required, remembering to upturn to soak newly added fruit.



  • The container can be topped up with more fruit at any time, just remember to upturn and add a little more zest of fresh fruit.
  • Orange and lemon halves can be refreshed, simply remove the old ones and add new ones.
  • The longer the fruit is soaking, the plumper the fruit becomes.


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