Single Bottle Warmer


Frequently Asked Questions

My milk/food is too hot or cold

You may have selected the incorrect volume for the milk/food being heated.

Ensure that the volume selected is the same as the volume of milk/food being heated in one bottle/container.

Ensure you have selected the correct function

The Bottle Warmer may need descaling.
Always descale regularly, see descale section for how to descale.

My Bottle Warmer isn't turning on when I plug it in

Your Baby Bottle Warmer is in standby mode.

Press the Start/Stop/Standby button to light up the Control Panel.

Heating cycle may have been started before water was added to the Water Bath.

Allow to cool for half an hour and try again. Always ensure the correct amount of water is in the Water Bath before starting a cycle.

My Single Bottle Warmer is cutting out before the cycle has finished when using it as a steriliser
The 45ml and 90mls of water is just a recommendation. Please fill the reservoir until the water is just slightly above the top of the surface of the grid.