Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if no coffee is brewed?

  • The water is empty, the indicator light is on red
  • Fill the tank with fresh water
  • Make sure the tank is correctly positioned. You should see bubbles in the water rising to the top
  • Press the desired coffee button
  • The appliance will resume brewing

What if the coffee is not hot enough?

  • Preheat the cup (see pg 9 of the instruction manual)
  • The cup may be cold or there may be a build up of scale in the machine
  • Descale the machine

What if the lever cannot be lowered?

  • The used capsule drawer may be full orthere may be a capsule stuck inside the machine
  • Empty out the used capsule drawer
  • Remove the used capsule

What do I do if I can’t access, drain or descale feature?

  • Press down in the centre of the button
  • Ensure you feel the button engage
  • See active button zones highlighted