Hand Mixer


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell the difference between the flat beaters?
The flat beaters have 1 small round circle on one of the stems and 1 small hexagonal piece on the other
The pull out power cord on my Hand Mixer is stuck and won’t retract back in
The retractable power cord may get jammed if it is twisted as it retracts

To try to free it up you will need to pull the cord out to its fullest extent (there is a red warning marker to tell you when to stop) and then carefully retract it back making sure that the cord does not twist.

My Hand Mixer attachments won’t go in or won't stay in
The holes on the mixer where the accessories plug in has one hexagonal and one round hole

These shapes correspond with the shapes on the shaft of the accessories. Ensure that you are putting the correct accessory in the correct hole.

How long is the power cable?
The retractable power cable (fully extended) is 43cm.