Espresso Coffee Machine

Dualit's Espresso Coffee Machine is fast, easy to use, makes consistently good coffee and won't take too much space on your worktop. If you need your morning coffee to be coffee shop standard but without the fuss; this is the machine for you. Whether you prefer freshly ground coffee or mess-free ESE pods, Dualit's espresso machine will always extract a smooth espresso at a consistent temperature.

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Product Notices

  • | June 29, 2016 -


Should the filter handle go past the padlock symbol when you tighten?
Twist the filter holder as far as it will go to ensure that it is locked in nice & tight. It is normal for the filter holder to go past the padlock symbol to get a water tight seal.
How can I ensure frothy milk?

Use cold semi-skimmed milk in a stainless steel jug to froth milk.

Reduce the steam flow with the Steam Flow Control knob.

My machine is making a continous pumping noise.
Your machine will be filling the boiler. Priming the Boiler can be noisy. Follow priming instructions on page 12 and wait until process is complete.