Conveyor Toaster

The Dualit Conveyor Toaster is easy to use, quick to heat up and can handle busy breakfast services with ease. The 2 slice Conveyor Toaster works perfectly for larger catering establishments, producing up to 560 slices of white toast or 1,200 slices of thinner fruit loaf an hour. The Conveyor Toaster is versatile enough to toast bread as well as warm bagels/buns by switching off the top element. The Conveyor Toaster also features a toast ramp to ensure toast, bagels and buns are removed smoothly and an anti-tamper guard so the toast setting dial can't be changed in buffet service.

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My toast is unevenly toasted?
My toast is unevenly toasted?

Ensure that heat regulators are set to the highest setting possible and the switch cannot turn any further. Any adjustment to the heat settings will take time to settle and as such these controls should not be adjusted whilst making toast.

For best results set the heat regulators both to full, and the speed to 5. Vary the speed to achieve desired brownness.

My toast is burning or is underdone?
My toast is burning or is underdone?
  • The speed setting should be set at the half way mark; this can be adjusted to taste, and will take a matter of seconds to settle. If toasting is too light, turn conveyor speed control counter-clockwise to a lower speed If toasting is too dark, turn conveyor speed control clockwise to a faster speed.
  • Allow at least 10 minutes for the conveyor to heat up and settle from switch on.
  • If the toaster has been left on full power without bread passing through it, the first slices through will burn due to the build up of heat. When the toaster is in an idle period it is advised that the toaster be turned to the ¼ power setting. This will prolong the life span of the elements and reduce the chances of un-even toasting when used again after the idle period.

My conveyor is overheating?
My conveyor is overheating?
  • If the conveyor belt continues to run and the elements have cut out, check the cooling fan is running and free of dust and dirt as the heat limit switch may have tripped. If the fan is dirty, isolate from the power and clean with a soft brush, leave for ten minutes for the toaster to cool and push the reset button to begin toasting again. (Allow time for the toaster to heat up again)
  • The toaster will also overheat if the crumb tray is not in position when in use. This acts as heat screen and helps protect the internal components vital to the running of the toaster.
  • Allow a clearance of 80mm from the rear of the machine and 30mm gap between machines if two or more machines are placed next to each other.