Conveyor Toaster

The Dualit Conveyor Toaster is easy to use, quick to heat up and can handle busy breakfast services with ease. The 2 slice Conveyor Toaster works perfectly for larger catering establishments, producing up to 560 slices of white toast or 1,200 slices of thinner fruit loaf an hour. The Conveyor Toaster is versatile enough to toast bread as well as warm bagels/buns by switching off the top element. The Conveyor Toaster also features a toast ramp to ensure toast, bagels and buns are removed smoothly and an anti-tamper guard so the toast setting dial can't be changed in buffet service.

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1. The toaster may not be plugged in.

1. Make sure the toaster is switched on and plugged in correctly to the UK mains.

2. The Plug Fuse may need replacing.

2. The Plug Fuse may need replacing if the Power Indicator does not turn on and the device does not appear to work. Please check and replace the Plug Fuse.

3. The thermal Fuse may need resetting.

3. Please contact Dualit customer services* for help.

1. The toaster has a Thermostat which constantly monitors the toaster’s running temperature for perfect toast.

1. The elements will cycle on and off at certain temperature to save energy and avoid over cooked toast; no action is needed.

1. The toaster has a Thermostat which constantly monitors the toaster’s running temperature for perfect toast.

1. If toasting bread rather than bagels, ensure the toaster is set to the 'TOAST' setting on the front panel. Please see page 11 for more information.

2. The toaster may not be Fully Warm.

2. Allow the toaster to reach full temperature, this should take 30 minutes depending on conditions. See page 11.

3. Your bread may not be positioned on the Conveyor correctly

3. Check the edges of the bread are over the elements and not off the edge of the conveyor.

4. The toasting setting you are using may not be appropriate for the bread type.

4. Check the type of bread you are using is appropriate for the toast setting your machine is on; please see page 11.

5. ‘BAGEL’ setting or ‘STANDBY’ may be in use.

5. Please check Function Control Dial is set to 'TOAST'.

6. An element may have blown.

6. Check all elements glow when the toaster is Fully Warm. If not contact Customer Services* for help.

7. The fan may have stopped.

7. Check if the fan is audible when the Conveyor Toaster is on and the green 'READY' light is illuminated. Ensure the fan is clean as per instructions on page 13. If the fan still appears to have stopped, contact Customer Service* for help.