Burr Coffee Grinder


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the grinding gear in my coffee grinder?
A soft-bristle brush is ideal for cleaning the grinding gear.

Disconnect the mains plug from the socket outlet. Remove any remaining beans in the bean container and take it off by twisting in an anticlockwise direction. Lift the bean hopper from the housing. The grinding ring can then be lifted out of the machine.
A soft-bristle brush is ideal for cleaning the grinding gear. Re-assemble the machine by replacing the parts in reverse order. The housing and transparent parts can be cleaned easily using a damp cloth.


What setting should I use?
For an Espresso machine

A fine grind is required for a espresso machine, use one of the three smallest dots

For a Filter machine

A medium grind is required for a filter machine, use one of the four medium dots in the middle of the courseness setting range.

For a Percolator or Cafetiere

You will need a course grind, use the largest three dots on the courseness setting.

How much coffee should I grind?
Only grind what you need.

For the freshest coffee and best crema and flavour grind your beans fresh and store your remaining beans in a airtight container.

What is the burr actually made of?
The burr is made out of machine grade stainless steel.
The grinder won't operate.
The grinder will not work if the grounds container is not in place. Ensure that the grounds container is in place correctly.