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Dualit are experts at making the very best kettles and the Classic Kettle is the pinnacle of engineering excellence and design. It is the perfect partner for Dualit's iconic Classic Toaster and shares the same characteristics of ingenious features, reliability and timeless styling.

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The kettle does not turn on
1. The kettle may not be properly connected to the power supply or the fuse may have failed.
  1. Check the plug is in the socket and the switch is turned on. Replace the
    fuse if necessary.

2. Boil dry feature may have been activated. If the kettle is accidentally switched on with no water inside, the boil-dry device will switch off the heating element to prevent damage to the kettle.

2. Wait 10 minutes for the kettle to reset.

3. The element may have broken if the power neon illuminates but the kettle does not boil.

3. The element can be replaced. Contact customer services* for servicing

4. The kettle does boil but the power neon does not illuminate.

4. The power neon may have blown. For further assistance contact Dualit
customer services*.

The kettle is sputtering out of the spout
1. You may have over filled the kettle.

1.1 Only fill to the max mark (1.7L).

1.2 Wait 10 seconds to allow the boiling water to settle before pouring.

2. The kettle may have descaling solutions remaining inside the body.

2. Follow the instructions from the cleaning & care section and rinse throughly.

3. The filter may not be in position.

3. Ensure the filter is in position. For spare parts please visit
www.dualit.com/support or contact Dualit customer services on 01293 652500 for help.

My kettle is not switching off
1. Limescale may have built up inside the kettle.

1. Descale your kettle regularly (see Limescale Warning).

2. Check the lid is firmly closed during use.

2. Pips on inner lid rim can be pushed in to create a tighter fit.

3. Water may have gone down the steam tube whilst filling. You may have overfilled, tilted the kettle when filling or filled through the spout.

3. Leave the kettle for 24 hours to fully dry.