VortecS® Blender & Smoothie Maker

Embrace a healthy way of eating the easy way with Dualit's fast and powerful Blender. Two uniquely designed fins in the sides of the jar and a precision-engineered, six-pronged blade create an irregular blending action that continually forces the ingredients into the main chopping zone, for smoother soups and smoothies.

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Do you smell a odour on first use?
When new, the blender may emit a ‘new’ smell, this is normal.

 Continue to use the blender as normal, the smell will disappear after a few uses.

The blade is not turning?
Drive coupling may be damaged.

Never lift or shake the jar while in use. If the drive coupling is sheared then contact the Dualit repairs department for servicing advise.

The blade may be jammed. The stop light will continuously flash red.

Switch off and unplug the blender, remove the ingredients that block the blades. You will need to process the food in smaller batches. Ensure chunks are no larger than 2cm.

My blender stops turning whilst processing?
Jar may not be correctly seated on the main body. It may have jumped up while blending.

 Check the jar has not lifted up during blending, always blend with a gloved hand holding the jar down.

To prevent over processing, the blender will switch off automatically after 1 minute 30 seconds.

 This safety feature will stop the motor. The control panel will flash 3 times and the blender will revert back to standby.

The ingredients you are processing are too thick.

Stop immediately, remove jar from base and unplug. Thin down the mixture or this may not be suitable for blending

The blender features a motor overload protection feature. If the motor is being overloaded, the control panel will remain lit and the motor will stop.

To restart it again, unplug from the mains and let it cool down for a minimum of 30 minutes. The blender will not be ready to use again untill it has cooled down.