Baby Food Maker

The Dualit Baby Food Maker is a helpful kitchen assistant that steams and blends wholesome meals for your baby, quickly and easily, adapting to each stage of development. Parents will love the simple design, with one dial that controls the texture of your baby's food - from smooth purées to chunkier meals, making it suitable for the weaning journey and beyond.

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My Baby Food Maker is not blending
The Baby Food Maker works but is no longer blending effectively or has stopped blending.

The blade assembly may have worn and can be replaced. Call customer services on 01293 652500 for further information

The Baby Food Maker does not turn on
The Baby Food Maker may not be properly connected to the power supply

Check the plug is in the socket and the switch is turned on.

The Baby Food Maker fuse may have failed.

Replace the fuse if necessary and check your residual current device (RCD). Never use the plug without the fuse cover fitted. Ensure replacement fuse is the same current value as the original. Replacement fuses are available and should be ASTA approved to BS1362

The Lid has not been fully locked into place

Ensure that the Lid is sitting correctly, and the interlock is fully engaged.

I cannot take the lid off the steaming basket after steaming
The heat of the food has caused the Lid to expand resulting in a tighter fit.

This is normal. Wait for 5 minutes before removing the Lid. Hold the Steaming Basket under a cold tap for 2 minutes then remove the Lid. Do not pour water in the Steam Vent Hole.