Classic Capsule Machine


Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn't the capsule machine turn on?
The unit may not be properly connected to the power supply.

1. Check the plug is in the socket and the switch is turned on.
2. Check and replace the fuse if necessary. Note: in order to open the plug, remove the label to reveal the screw.
3. Check the mains power cord is tight.
4. The machine may be in Standby Mode, which activates automatically after 10 minutes. In this
mode the tea and coffee lights turn off to conserve energy and the Power Indicator stays lluminated. You can exit Standby Mode by pressing any button.

Why is the machine not dispensing tea or coffee?
The Coffee or Tea Buttons illuminate without flashing, but no tea or coffee is dispensed.

1. The Nozzle could be blocked. Follow the cleaning instructions on page 14. If this does not clear the blockage refer to page 13 to descale your machine.
2. The inserted capsule could be faulty. Wait a few moments before opening the lever, flush the machine through and then try again with another capsule.
3. Ensure that the Lever is properly closed and the Capsule Basket is empty.
4. There could be air trapped in the pipework. Remove the capsule and ensure that the Water Tank is full. Press the Coffee or Tea Button. Water should exit the nozzle. If it doesn't, press again to release the trapped air.

You may have run out of water.

Remove the water tank and fill with fresh water.

The water tank may not be seated correctly.

Position by aligning the connection and pushing down firmly. Tip: Bubbles rise in the water tank when it is correctly seated. Then push the water tank lid down to cover the water tank.