6 Slot Classic Toaster


Frequently Asked Questions

My toaster is not working:

  • Check the toaster is plugged in.
  • Check if the 'neon' is glowing red.
If yes, your elements or 'selector' switch may need replacing.
If no, your plug fuse may have blown or your timer may need replacing.

Why is one side of my bread not working?

  • Check the 'selector' switch is set correctly. If set to Bagel setting only one side will toast and remember to insert bread from the very left hand slot.
  • One or more of the elements may need replacing, call the helpline or visit www.dualit.com for replacements.

Why is there smoke coming out of the slots?

  • If this is the first time using your toaster, this is normal, your elements are being conditioned.
  • Empty the crumb tray. A build up of crumbs can burn or cause a fire.
  • Some crumbs or pieces of bread may be stuck in the toaster. Unplug, remove the crumb tray then turn the toaster down over a sink or bin and gently shake the crumbs out or use a soft brush to clean inside your toaster.

My timer is noticeably slow or sticking

  • Unplug and do not use the toaster. Replace the timer immediately. Spare timers are available from www.dualit.com and must be fitted by a qualified electrical engineer.

The power neon is illuminated but my toaster is not toasting

  • The thermal fuse has been activated. See page17 of the instruction manual.

Preheat the elements before toasting the bread.

When first using the toaster from cold, we would suggest that you preheat the elements before toasting the bread. To do this, please turn the timer dial to its full extent and drop your bread in when the timer reaches the 2.5 minute mark. This will allow the end castings sufficient time to heat up.

However, if you are still experiencing uneven toasting, you may wish to return the toaster to Dualit for inspection. If under warranty, the toaster should be returned to us via the retailer.

With a damp cloth

A stainless steel cleaner can be used on the central cover only. It should not be used on the ends as this would cause discolouration. Instead we recommend that you clean the end castings with a damp cloth and then use a soft dry cloth to polish them afterwards.


Please return the appliance to the store or retailer where purchased.

We do not have any listed off-site recommended repair agents at present. If your appliance fails to operate properly, while in use under normal household conditions and within the warranty period, please return the appliance to the store or retailer where purchased. Some retailers may offer a different warranty period to the standard, please check with your retailer for details.

We do have a Dualit repairs service for UK customers only. You can have the product sent in to us, boxed up with a brief description of the problem, your contact details, a return address and a copy of proof of purchase. Upon examination, if a fault is found and the item is not within warranty, a quote will be sent out for the cost of repair. Please send to the following address:

Repairs Department, Dualit Ltd, County Oak Way, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 7ST
Before you send any item to us, we suggest that you contact Dualit Customer Service on 01293 652 500, to discuss the nature of the fault.

After a number of uses the elements should start to glow red

Our unique ‘ProHeat’ elements, used on all Vario, Combi and NewGen toasters, only glow red after prolonged and continuous use. If they start to glow red straight after being switched on, there could well be a fault with the elements.

Replaceable ProHeat elements are available for all Classic toasters

Replacement ProHeat elements can be ordered here or by calling Dualit Customer Service on 01293 652500 (UK customers only). The elements are £6.50 each, with a postage and packing charge of £5.00 + VAT (delivery within UK only) for up to seven elements. Replacing an element is a simple procedure, but should only be done by a competent electrician.
Unfortunately the elements in the Lite toaster are not replaceable.


Timers can be purchased for all Classic toasters

Spare timers can be obtained here or by calling Dualit Customer Service on 01293 652500 (for UK delivery only). Fitting a new timer is a simple procedure but should only be done by a competent electrician. The Timer on this product is a mechanically wound part and, like any mechanical part, it can be susceptible to failure. For this reason, we state in our Instruction Manual that the appliance should not be left unattended during use and that it is switched off at the socket when not in use.