4 Slot Heritage toaster


Frequently Asked Questions

My toaster is not working

  • Check the toaster is plugged in.
  • Check if the 'neon' is glowing red.
If yes, your elements or 'selector' switch may need replacing.
If no, your plug fuse may have blown

I get uneven toasting

  • Check the selector switch is set for the number of slots being used.
  • Starting from the left, ensure you have loaded all heated up slots.
  • The heavy duty proheat elements can take a few moments to reach optimum toasting temperature. preheating the slots prior to inserting your bread will eliminate this. Rotate the 'timer' all the way round, let it wind down to the circle indicator then insert your bread into the active slots.
  • Ensure size and type of bread being toasted is the same.
  • End elements take a little longer to warm up than centre elements, once toaster is at optimum operating temperature this will no longer occur.
  • The timer is noticably slow, unplug and do not use the toaster. Spare timers are available from www.dualit.com and must be fitted by a qualified electrical engineer

My toaster wobbles on my worksurface

  • Use the adjustable foot under the toaster to compensate for uneven surfaces.

My toast gets stuck when I eject from the toaster

  • Slices thicker than 28mm will get stuck.
  • hand cut slice must be cut evenly
  • using a 'sandwich cage' can make toasting thicker items eaiser.

One side of my bread is not toasting

  • Check the 'selector' switch is set correctly. If set to Bagel setting only one side will toast and remember to insert bread from the very left hand slot.
  • One or more of the elements may need replacing, call the helpline or visit www.dualit.com for replacements.

Smoke coming out of the slots

  • If this is the first time using your toaster, this is normal, your elements are being conditioned.
  • Empty the crumb tray. A build up of crumbs can burn or cause a fire.
  • Some crumbs or pieces of bread may be stuck in the toaster. Unplug, remove the crumb tray then turn the toaster upside down over a sink or bin and gently shake the crumbs out or use a soft brush to clean inside your toaster.

My timer is noticeably slow or sticking

  • Unplug and do not use the toaster. Replace the timer immediately. Spare timers are available from www.dualit.com and must be fitted by a qualified electrical engineer.