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Dualit Product Recipe:

Break-Fast Toastie

In a hurry? Don’t miss the most important meal of the day, this toastie is quick to make and you can eat it on the go!

Dualit Product Recipe:

Mango Chicken toastie

This toastie is teaming with flavours that will treat your tastebuds to a trip to the tropics.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Chocolate parfait

For an indulgent treat, this creamy, intensely chocolatey pudding is hard to beat.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Mango & Yoghurt Dessert

A healthy, sugar free dessert which can be whipped up in minutes.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Cranberry And Almond Biscuits

Makes approximately 30 small biscuits for serving with creamy or fruit desserts, or with after dinner coffee.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Parmesan Wafers

Light as a feather, these little crisps could not be easier to make.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Root Mash

Mashed swede or parsnip, Elevate the humble root vegetable to something special to serve with roast meat or poultry.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Hot Bean Cream

An unusual side dish for traditional British roast lamb or pork.