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Dualit Product Recipe:

Home-Made Garlic Bread

A very easy to make accompliment to any meal, made in your Dualit in seconds.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Marmite & Cookie Crumble toastie

You’ll either Love it or Hate it, either way you have to try it.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Tropical Treat toastie

This healthy toastie will help on the way to the daily recommended 5 pieces of fruit.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Hawaiian Haven toastie

Sun, Sand ,Surf and toasties! The exotic taste of paradise will leave you wanting more.

Dualit Product Recipe:

Italian Pizzeria toastie

This vegetarian option will get you creating, just think Pizza!

Dualit Product Recipe:

Indian Somosa Mix toastie

Add spice to your toasties with this authentic Indian somosa recipe.

Dualit Product Recipe:

BBQ Meaty Mix toastie

The sandwich for all meat lovers. The combination of BBQ sauce will transport your tastebuds to BBQ season, anytime of the year!

Dualit Product Recipe:

Garlic Sausage & Onion toastie

Try this tasty alternative, works well with a variety of cooked meats.