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Breakfast Smoothie

Serves 1 Prep Time 5 mins Cooking Time 0 mins

Have this instead of breakfast if you are in a hurry, or serve in glass for brunch.

500g natural yoghurt
1 banana
1 ½ tbsp honey

For the muesli topping;
150g hazel nuts (or try an alternative mix of walnuts and brazil nuts)
150g sunflower seeds
75g pumpkin seeds
150g porridge oats
2-½ tbsp honey

Process the yoghurt, banana and honey in the blender until frothy. Pour into serving dishes and set aside.

Pulse the nuts and seeds in the blender. Add the oats and honey and pulse lightly until the consistency is right for you.

Sprinkle the muesli topping over the smoothie mixture and enjoy!

For a crunchy taste; toast the nuts and seeds in the oven.

Add texture and flavour with dried apricots and dates.

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