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Majestic Contact Grill

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Dualit's Majestic contact grill features two separate plates and individual heating controls. Like the Panini and Savoye grills, it sandwiches the food between robust cast-iron plates which adjust to the thickness of the food via a 'sprung' top plate and heat to 300°C. The combination of ribbed top plate and smooth bottom plate, and the ability to heat both to 300°C makes the Majestic perfect for all kinds of meat - steaks, chicken, burgers - sealing the outside, whilst retaining the flavour inside. By grilling and not frying, it's also healthier.


Technical specification

  • Thermostat: Regulation type thermostat
  • Temperature range: up to 300°C for meat
  • Assembly: Cast iron top and bottom plates with stainless steel body
  • Loading (kW): 4.0
  • Dimensions (cm): 60 x 41 x 24
  • Weight (kg): 33.5

Brochures & Publications

Dualit Catering Brochure 2018

Dualit Brochure 2018