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DCT 1 Slice Conveyor Toaster

A toaster rollercoaster

The Dualit DCT1 conveyor toaster is the perfect front of house solution for toast, buns or bagels, producing up to 250 slices an hour. It has the flexibility to control both top and bottom elements separately (via individual simmerstats), and includes a stand-by mode which saves up to 75% power consumption.

Specifications & Manuals

Technical specification

  • Capacity: 1 slice
  • Output per hour: 250 slices
  • Loading (kW): 2.5
  • Power: 230v 50-60Hz
  • Elements: Radiant Quartz Red Heat quick start-up
  • Dimensions (cm): 27 x 64 x 40
  • Weight (kg): 17

Brochures & Publications

Dualit Catering Brochure 2018

Dualit Brochure 2018