Smooth sounds from Dualit’s new DAB Lite® Radio

01 May ‘08

Dualit announces the launch of its new stylish DAB Lite radio. With gorgeous good looks and exceptional audio quality, the radio will literally be music to your ears.

With the Dualit attention to detail, the radio has a stunning gloss finish and produces clear sounds strong enough to fill any room or resonate through the garden.

The Lite Radio is available in the traditional yet hugely popular polished chrome that matches many of the home’s electronic or kitchen appliances. It’s a powerful yet compact and very neat radio. It has an impressive 6-watt speaker, a bass port for a rich sound, 20 presets (ten DAB digital and ten FM) with FM RDS for enhanced tuning accuracy.

Good looks are a given with all Dualit products, and the Lite radio doesn’t disappoint. Designed to meet Dualit’s high standards, the Dualit Lite radio is perfectly compact and portable. The styling is deliberately reminiscent of the brand’s famous toasters, but it also looks like a classic vintage design. The emphasis is on practicality, with a prominent volume knob, and just a smattering of large buttons.

It also has an over sized white-on- blue LCD display which transmits useful data about the show along with each broadcast and is impressive enough to be viewed from the other side of the room. With its cut out feet, rounded edges and shiny chrome finish the Lite radio has a tactile quality that invites you to pick it up and turn it over in your hands.

Given its compact size the Lite Radio projects well into large rooms. Even when you turn up the volume the sound remains crisp, dispersing widely and filling the space without sounding lost or thin. More importantly, the Lite is very easy to use. From the box, it tunes into a station the moment the power is switched on.

The radio also features a handy kitchen egg timer, a refreshingly original feature that cleverly marks this out as the product of a leading culinary brand. It has an alarm clock and snooze button making it an ideal companion for the bedroom as well as the kitchen.

The Lite radio can be either mains powered or battery operated with a built-in charger for AA rechargeable batteries. Those conscientious people at Dualit have given the radio an energy efficient switch mode adaptor helping its customers reduce their carbon footprint as well as a clever interchangeable plug for both UK and Europe.

  • DAB: Band III
  • FM with RDS: 87.5 ~ 108 MHz/step 0.1 MHz
  • High performance 6 watt, 3-inch speaker
  • 20 presets (10 DAB/ 10 FM)
  • Powered via mains or NiMH rechargeable battery (built-in charger)
  • Battery life; 9hrs
  • Kitchen timer
  • Alarm with snooze and sleep options
  • Headphone socket
  • Dimensions (cm) 22.5 x 15.5 x9
  • Weight (Kg) 1.15

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