Kettles & Toasters

2 Slice NewGen Toaster

Toast for two

The 2 slice NewGen toaster is Dualit’s most compact Classic toaster, with defrost and bagel functions.

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4 Slice NewGen Toaster

The Original Toaster

The 4 slice NewGen toaster is perfect for the whole family, or canteen, and offers all the same functionality as the 2 slice NewGen, with defrost and bagel settings as well as Dualit’s classic styling, mechanical timer and ejector lever.

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Classic Kettle

Engineering excellence

Dualit are experts at making the very best kettles and the Classic Kettle is the pinnacle of engineering excellence and design. It is the perfect partner for Dualit's iconic Classic Toaster and shares the same characteristics of ingenious features, reliability and timeless styling.

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Architect 2 Slice Toaster

Architect Toaster

Dualit's Architect toasters combine ergonomics and aesthetics in a brand new way. Featuring patented Perfect Toast Technology to give you consistently golden brown toast, every time. With our trademark longevity and functionality, you'll be toasting what you like, how you like it.

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Lite Jug Kettles

Our award-winning upright kettle

Sleek, stylish and functional, in a choice of sizes and colour finishes

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2 Slice Lite Toaster

A lighter bite

The 2 slice Lite toaster combines Dualit’s classic toaster styling with a contemporary and practical gloss finish.

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Coffee & Tea

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Bags

This bold yet creamy single origin has notes of velvety milk chocolate and tropical fruits with a malty, sweet finish.

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Dualit & Nespresso® Compatible* Capsule

This Ristretto boasts a strong chocolate flavour which is sweet yet creamy, with nutty hints and a finish of buttery, floral caramel.

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Dualit & Nespresso® Compatible* Capsule

Try strong and full-bodied Intense, with notes of fresh roasted nuts, molasses and an indulgent dark chocolate finish.

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Lungo Americano

Dualit & Nespresso® Compatible* Capsule

Our medium strength Lungo is perfect as an Espresso or Americano, exuding notes of rich cereal, treacle and a dried fruit finish.

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Intense Coffee Bags

This dark roast has notes of fresh toast and indulgent dark cocoa, with a long lasting, subtle, spicy finish.

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DCT2i Conveyor Toaster

The Dualit Conveyor Toaster is easy to use, quick to heat up and can handle busy breakfast services with ease. The 2 slice Conveyor Toaster works perfectly for larger catering establishments, producing up to 560 slices of white toast or 1,200 slices of thinner fruit loaf an hour. The Conveyor Toaster is versatile enough to toast bread as well as warm bagels/buns by switching off the top element. The Conveyor Toaster also features a toast ramp to ensure toast, bagels and buns are removed smoothly and an anti-tamper guard so the toast setting dial can't be changed in buffet service.

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