Sophie Allport 2 Slice Architect Toaster

Bumblebee Panels on the Architect Toaster

Dualit has collaborated with British homewares brand, Sophie Allport to create a new, stunning pre-affixed Architect Toaster panel design.  As a keen gardener, Sophie was inspired by the bees buzzing around her own garden to create this charming pattern that adds a flattering contrast to the striking, contemporary design of the Architect range. The design is applied by hand using a specialised process at the Dualit factory in West Sussex. Dualit's Architect Toasters combine ergonomics and aesthetics in a brand new way, featuring patented Perfect Toast Technology that calculates the optimum toasting time for consistently golden brown toast. With our trademark longevity and functionality, you'll be toasting what you like, how you like it. 

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Coffee & Tea

Lungo Americano Compostable Coffee Bags

Fresh from the Dualit coffee plant, we are excited to trial a small batch of our new Lungo Compostable Coffee Bags. Lungo is the first of our range of carefully blended roasts, with more flavours coming soon. As this is a very limited run*, we would love you to try them and tell us what you think.

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Intense Espresso ESE Pods

ESE Pods

A dark roasted blend of high grown Central and South American coffees that is rich and dramatic, offering notes of sweet fruits and roasted nuts, with a chocolatey finish.

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Lungo Americano ESE Pods

ESE Pods

Our Lungo is grown in rich, volcanic soil, with cedar notes, sweet tropical fruit aromas and a rich, indulgent finish.

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Colombian ESE Pods

ESE Pods

A single origin coffee, infused with notes of sweet tangerine, raw sugar and roasted walnuts. It's smooth and light with a refreshingly mellow, clean character and a citrusy aroma.

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Decaf ESE Pods

ESE Pods

Our signature Decaf is a light bodied coffee with a very mild acidity, delivering subtle chocolate notes, a sweet, nutty finish and a refreshing piquant taste.

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Compostable Peruvian Colombian

Compostable Dualit & Nespresso® Compatible* Capsule

Our Peruvian Colombian Compostable+ Capsule is the latest addition to our compostable coffee range, taking the 'Taste of the Incas' and bringing it to your daily coffee. Our coffee pods retain their freshness, offering a 'just roasted', flavourful coffee every time. Available in a 10 capsule pack and a 60 capsule value pack.

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Coffee Machines

Pour Over Kettle

Dualit’s electric Pour Over Kettle is ideal for using with drip through coffee makers or for when you need a precise brewing temperature. The precision spout allows for a more even flow of water for a consistent and slow extraction of coffee, this means the maximum flavour and aroma is extracted from the coffee grounds for an exceptional filter coffee. The Pour Over Kettle also offers a better reach than traditional kettles, thanks to the long and curved gooseneck spout. The temperature control can be altered by one degree at a time from 38°C to 100°C. Dualit’s kettle also offers a temperature hold function to maintain the selected temperature for five minutes.

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Food Prep

Mini Oven

Perfect for smaller spaces

Perfect for small spaces or as an additional, eye-level oven in a busy kitchen.

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Dualit Baby

Single Bottle Warmer

Dualit's Single & Double Bottle Warmers are easy to use, multi-functioning warmers designed for fuss-free sterilising, defrosting, and warming baby formula, baby food and breast milk. The electronic control panel ensures that food is at an optimal temperature for your little one, whilst the sterilising function means you can rest easy knowing that 99.9% of harmful bacteria has been killed - plus, if you keep the lid closed, bottles will stay sterile for up to 24 hours. With its contemporary design, the Dualit Bottle Warmers are the practical and stylish choice for your kitchen counter.

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Steam Steriliser

A Steam Steriliser and dryer that works in minutes. The Dualit Steam Steriliser has four steaming and drying options and will sterilise up to six bottles in as little as 15 minutes. In addition to bottles, accessories such as teats and soothers can be placed in the upper rack to sterilise alongside the bottles. For your peace of mind, the sterilising cycles kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

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UV Steriliser

Powerful, chemical-free UV sterilising for everyday use. The Dualit UV Steriliser kills 99.9% of bacteria and has three steaming and drying options: UV Steriliser that sterilises and deodorises items that don't require drying in as little as 15 minutes, a Drying function that allows you to dry washed items, leaving them ready for sterilising and an auto function that dries, sterilises and deodorises in one! With its curved design and gloss white finish, the UV Steriliser fits neatly into the home whether it be in the kitchen to sterilise baby bottles and cleaning tools, or by the front door to sterilise items as soon as you walk in. The UV Steriliser will fast become an essential household appliance you wonder how you managed without!

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