How to use capsules


Indulge in premium quality beans and great tasting coffee in a recyclable capsule, at the touch of a button. Dualit's NX® Nespresso® compatible* capsules are available in four exceptional Fairtrade blends, there is a coffee to suit everyone.

Go Compostable!

Dualit believe in ethical coffee, this is why we have also launched a range of Biopod® Compostable capsules using single origin coffee from India and Indonesia with bold, luxurious flavour profiles. Dualit's Compostable pods biodegrade in 90 days with the help of industrial composting. A truly honorable espresso!


Discover more with your Dualit and Nespresso® machine and get lost in the world of delicious refreshing tea in a capsule! In just a few steps Dualit Fine Tea capsules deliver exceptional tasting tea that is consistently perfect and in a matter of seconds. Go on tea lover, we dare you!


The Perfect Espresso

  1. Warm cup with first shot of hot water and discard
  2. Lift lever, ensure capsule is fully inserted and close
  3. Press Espresso button

Useful Tips

  • Use fresh water and allow time for the system to heat
  • For an Americano serve over hot water
  • For a longer shot use the lungo button
  • For a cappuccino we recommend using 2 capsules
  • Ensure container is emptied regularly
  • Please follow the safety and operating instructions of your machine manual
  • Descale as required


Setting up your machine

The lungo button on your Nespresso® machine has been preset to 110ml for coffee. For best results, you must reprogramme your lungo button before making your first cup of tea.

To calibrate your Lungo button for tea, press and hold until the desired amount of water has filled the cup or mug. Once calibrated place the tea capsule into the machine and touch the Lungo button once to dispense.

For a tea cup (150-180ml) we recommend using 1 capsule, for a mug (250ml) use 2 capsules (depending on your strength and taste preference).


  1. Rinse the machine and warm cup with first shot of hot water and discard
  2. Choose your flavour
  3. Remove the lid
  4. Lift lever/slide, ensure capsule is fully inserted and close
  5. Press lungo button
  6. Enjoy your tea

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*Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. *Suitable for drop through machines only. Excluding professional machines and 'built-in' models.