UV Steriliser

Powerful, chemical-free UV sterilising for everyday use. The Dualit UV Steriliser kills 99.9% of bacteria and has three steaming and drying options: UV Steriliser that sterilises and deodorises items that don't require drying in as little as 15 minutes, a Drying function that allows you to dry washed items, leaving them ready for sterilising and an auto function that dries, sterilises and deodorises in one! With its curved design and gloss white finish, the UV Steriliser fits neatly into the home whether it be in the kitchen to sterilise baby bottles and cleaning tools, or by the front door to sterilise items as soon as you walk in. The UV Steriliser will fast become an essential household appliance you wonder how you managed without!

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The UV Steriliser does not turn on

The UV Steriliser may not be properly connected to the power supply.

Check the plug is in the socket, the Power Cord is inserted into the Inlet and the switch is turned on.

The UV Steriliser plug fuse may have failed.

Replace the plug fuse if necessary and check your residual current device (RCD). Never use the plug without the fuse cover fitted. Ensure replacement fuse is the same current value as the original. Replacement fuses are available and should be ASTA approved to BS1362.

The UV Steriliser works but the Function Icons do not illuminate.

The LED Light Bulb may have blown and cannot be replaced. Call customer services on 01293 652500 for further information.

There is no illumination inside the UV Steriliser (Blue for UV, Red for Dry and Red and Blue for UV and Dry).

The UV Bulbs may have blown, replace both Bulbs. Call customer services on 01293 652500 for further information. Check if UV-C bulbs are fitted, if a Bulb is not fitted call customer services on 01293 652500 for further information.

The Door has not been fully shut into place

Ensure that the Door is closed fully. The time display will spell out 'door' if left open.

My items have not dried

The wrong function may have been used.

Ensure you have pressed the Dry button only once or twice

The item is particularly wet or there are too many items inside and needs longer

Put the item through a longer cycle, such as UV and Dry (pressed twice for 55 minutes). Put less items into the UV Steriliser, space items out for best results.

My items still smell
The wrong function may have been used.

Use a UV and UV and Dry functions to deodorise or try using the dedicated deodorise function (press Dry 3 times). Pressing Dry once or twice will not deodorise.