For those with a busy lifestyle, the Rapido coffee capsule machine from Dualit is packed full of user friendly features. Quick and easy to use, the Rapido uses Caffitaly capsules (available online from Caffitaly stockists) to guarantee a minimum of mess and fuss - just delicious coffee at the push of a button.

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Product Notices

  • | juin 29, 2016 -


What do I do if no coffee is brewed?
The water tank is empty, the indicator light is on red

Fill the tank with fresh water

Make sure the tank is correctly positioned.

You should see bubbles in the water rising to the top

Press the desired coffee button
  • The button may not have been pressed firmly to activate the brewing cycle.
  • It may take a while for the red light to go out and for it to stop bleeding.
  • It may have an airlock and one of the buttons may need to be pressed more than once intermittently until the bleeding stops and the light goes out.
What if the coffee is not hot enough?
Preheat the cup
  1. Place a cup under the dispensing spout. Ensure NO capsule is inserted in the capsule compartment.
  2. Press the desired coffee button once. The selected coffee button will blink. The appliance will stop dispensing on reaching the programmed quantity and emit a beep.
  3. Discard the water from the pre-warmed cup or mug, dry and place back under the dispensing spout. Your machine is ready.


The cup may be cold or there may be a build up of scale in the machine

Descale the machine as per the instruction manual

What if the lever cannot be lowered?
The used capsule drawer may be full or there may be a capsule stuck inside the machine
  • Empty out the used capsule drawer
  • Remove the used capsule