Every aspect of the award-winning Espressivo is specifically designed to create the perfect espresso, cappuccino or latté every time.

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Coffee Spares

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There is no steam flowing through the steam wand
The water tank is not seated correctly in position

Firmly push the water tank down and check the tank is seated on the base with no gap.

The steam wand is blocked
  • Clean the steam wand and using a small pin poke through the end of the wand.
  • Descale the machine - Use a descaler suitable to coffee machines and follow the instructions on the packet.


My Dualit machine is struggling to extract coffee from Dualit coffee capsules?
The Dualit capsule piercer is exactly what you need to get your coffee fix.

The blades in the piercing tool wake up Dualit, M&S and Nespresso® coffee capsules to release the exceptionally fresh coffee ready for use in your Dualit coffee machines* Please contact the Dualit customer service team on 01293 652 500 for your FREE capsule piercer to use in your Dualit machine* For more information please visit www.dualit.com/capsulepiercer *Espress-Auto 4 in 1, 3 in 1 Coffee Machine, Espressivo and Xpress.

What temperature coffee should my Espressivo produce?
The Espressivo coffee machine is designed to heat coffee to a temperature range of 66-77°.

The Espressivo coffee machine is designed to heat coffee to a temperature range of 66-77°. Any hotter than this could burn the coffee grounds and create a bitter taste. If your machine is not heating the coffee to this temperature, please ‘prime’ the machine first to allow it to reach the right temperature.
To prime the machine, turn it on and wait for the temperature light to go out. Without the filter holder in place, turn the control knob to the coffee cup symbol as usual until a full mug of water has passed through the machine directly into your serving cup. Throw this away, fill your filter holder with coffee grounds and proceed as normal.
If priming the machine makes no difference and your Espressivo is within the warranty period, please return it to your retailer in the first instance. Alternatively, you can return the machine to Dualit for inspection (UK customers only). Please see ‘Where can I get my Dualit appliance repaired or serviced? for more details.