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The new Peek & Pop® four slot now updated chunky frame and glossy exterior.

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My toaster is not working
My toaster is not working
  • The toaster may not be properly connected to the power supply. Check the plug is in the socket and the switch is turned on
  • If your lever is not staying down, Check if the power neon is illuminated.
    If yes, unplug the toaster and call Customer Services
    If no, your plug fuse may have blown
  • The toaster may have tripped the Residual-Current Device (RCD). Some crumbs or pieces of bread may be stuck in the toaster. Unplug, and allow to cool. Remove the crumb tray then turn the toaster upside down over a bin and gently shake the crumbs out.
I get uneven toasting
I get uneven toasting
  • Different bread types and sizes have been used at the same time. Ensure size and type of bread being toasted is the same.
  • Empty but active slots will still generate heat and some of that heat may be transferred to the adjacent slot. This can therefore caused increase toasting on that side of the bread.
My toast doesn't pop up when the toaster has finished
My toast doesn't pop up when the toaster has finished
  • There may be a fault with the toaster. If the power neon remains illuminated, immediately unplug the toaster and call service centre.
  • Your bread may be too thick: Slices thicker than 36mm will get stuck, hand cut slice must be cut evenly, using a 'sandwich cage' can make toasting thicker items easier.