Dualit Private Label Nespresso® Compatible* Capsules

Dualit have been developing and producing Nespresso® compatible* capsules since 2013. Our objective is to provide the finest coffee beans, encapsulated within the latest capsule technology, all sealed with the highest quality manufacturing and food safety. Fairtrade, organic and Soil Association accredited coffees are available on request. All this makes Dualit the first choice for private label coffee capsules.

Be part of the espresso revolution!

If you want to rapidly be part of a market that has continued to grow then look no further, Dualit are impressively outperforming the market.

By trusting Dualit with your prestigious brand you will embark on an own label coffee capsule adventure by offering the best pods, satisfying customers, retaining valued customers and growing your business. Dualit make the finest coffee Dualit and Nespresso® compatible* capsules, as a result of detailed engineering and quality control that deliver the best espresso and customer experience.

Choose which capsules are right for you

There are now three different varieties of capsules available for Private Label here at Dualit; Aluminium, Compostable or Plastic. All three of these options are Nespresso® compatabile* and are made using the highest quality of manufacturing.

Watch how our aluminium capsules are made!

How It's Made - Dualit's Aluminium Coffee Capsules  preview

Why Dualit?

Dualit private label capsules are sealed with engineering expertise, manufacturing know-how and the finest quality coffee for that all important taste and aroma of the indulgent coffee locked in a well engineered pod.

Legal Indemnity

Dualit are the only Nespresso® compatible* capsule producer to have been taken to court by Nespresso® and won.

Dualit are the only company that can offer clients protection against action that Nespresso® may take in terms of enforcing patents.

Do not risk legal action with your own label coffee capsules, we understand the associated risks and have intellectual property around Nespresso® compatible* capsules that can protect your brand.

UK Manufacturing & Production

Not all capsules are born equal, we are the only capsule brand who manufacture our own coffee capsules in the UK.

There is much more to capsules than ground coffee and a capsule casing. We have a dedicated engineering team who research, develop and tirelessly test to ensure the best Nespresso® compatible* capsule to deliver that great tasting espresso.

Dualit's engineering and production teams are based at our head office in West Sussex, this enables us to optimise production process allowing Dualit to achieve perfection, growth and success. Dualit engineers regularly conduct trails on new machine releases and carry out compatibility testing to ensure optimum capsule performance. Customers trust Dualit and have associated the brand with outstanding quality products for over 70 years.

Quality Assurance

Dualit have ability to maintain stringent quality and food safety procedures and have certifications to prove it. These procedures enable Dualit to confidently produce the best tasting Nespresso® compatible* capsules.

BRC Global Standards

Dualit are accredited to Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7 Grade AA

Control Quality

We control quality through the use of detailed inspection plans

Organoleptic Testing

We taste test 3 times a day throughout production to ensure consistency of quality


We have HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) plans in place


We have the ability to conduct full traceability and keep records and capsule samples for five years

Engineering Expertise

We have an in-house engineering team to ensure oxygen, minimum leakage, extraction, flow rate and pressure specifications are met to produce a superb capsule

Quality Testing

Nothing gets the seal of approval until it has been tested. Dualit understand the importance of delivering the greatest customer experience and we do not leave anything to chance.

In order to match the Nespresso® experience Dualit control three vital elements:

Oxygen Content

Failure to maintain below 2% oxygen content inside the capsule results in stale coffee, leading to poor taste and crèma.

Minimise seal outflow

Dualit control and minimise leakage into drip tray during extraction, failure to do so results in loss of pressure which negatively affects taste.

Flow and Extraction

Flow rate and pressure combined create the ideal extraction rate, Dualit ensure this is just right, in turn delivering a consistently perfect espresso. Fast extraction leads to loss of pressure, resulting in under extracted, weak coffee and slow extraction leads to a buildup of high pressure, resulting in over extracted, bitter coffee.

Crema Test

The crema holds the key to optimum extraction, if the crema withstands a 5 minute crema test Dualit know the espresso has perfectly extracted and will tastes great.

Dualit - Your first choice for private label capsules

Launch your coffee capsules now!

Do you have an exceptional coffee you want to share with the world of Nespresso® machine owners?

Well your very own private label Nespresso® compatible* capsules are closer than you think.

Our minimum order quantity is smaller than you think! All Dualit require is 300kg per flavour of your freshly roasted coffee beans and we will produce the best coffee capsules you've tasted, all right here in the UK.

Pick your preferred capsule

Aluminium, Compostable or Plastic.

Fresh Coffee Beans

Dualit will encapsulate your coffee and provide samples for approval.

Get creative

Confirm packaging option requirement and artwork, Dualit offer flexibility and have options to suit all budgets.

Final Approval

We are nearly there, confirmation of coffee, packaging and our range of capsule colours.

Let production commence

Dualit will produce 50000* capsules, 5000* packs of your private label coffee pods.

Ready to launch

Let your customers enjoy your coffee shop quality at home!

*Figures are approximations.


Your brand deserves our capsules! Above are just a few of the companies who already choose to use Dualit technology.

Try Dualit Coffee in your own label capsule

Dualit offer many exceptional tasting Fairtrade coffee blends, the rich flavours, enticing aromas and perfect crema offer something for every coffee drinker from intense indulgent espresso to a smooth, everyday favourite Lungo Americano.

Airtight Capsules

Our patented pods are hermetically sealed, this means the coffee in the pods will stay fresh until used.

Expert Quality

We use the finest Arabica and Robusta beans that have been carefully selected by expert Q Grader coffee tasters from the world's finest growing regions.


Fairtrade approved means our coffee is certified and sourced from 100% Fairtrade producers.

Award Winning

The Grocer New Product Award 2017 Winner - Sumatra Mandheling Compostable Capsules

The Grocer New Product Award 2016 Winner - Indulgent Intense Espresso

The Grocer New Product Award 2016 Finalist - Single Origin Indian Monsoon Compostable Capsules

The Grocer New Product Award 2015 Finalist - Traditional 100% Arabica Classic Espresso

The Honourable espresso

Helping the environment one espresso at a time with our new compostable capsules. Dualit believe that sustainability is the vital ingredient in coffee, this is why we offer Dualit and Nespresso® compatible* COMPOSTABLE CAPSULES. Discover rich flavours and enticing aromas of single origin coffee from Indian and Indonesia.

Sustainable Espresso

100% compostable capsule derived from corn starch, the pod, lid and protective bag can be placed in food waste bins for industrial composting, home composting times will vary.

Single Origin

Each premium coffee is grown in a single geographic location by groups of small farms, dedicated to supporting their communities and environment.


Fairtrade approved means our coffee is certified and sourced from 100% Fairtrade producers.

Expert Quality

We use the finest Arabica and Robusta beans that have been carefully selected by expert Q Grader coffee tasters from the world's finest growing regions.

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Dualit capsules are compatible with domestic Nespresso® drop through capsule machines. excluding professional and 'built in' models.

*Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé