The Perfect Baby Shower Gift Guide

If you're looking for a baby shower gift then chances are, you want your present to be thoughtful, useful, and unique. Parents always remember who gifted them the essential item that entertained or helped feed their little one, even better if it bought them back some much needed time and energy!

Below is our round up of the best presents for little ones and parents. From cute toys to practical items that they couldn't imagine living without, our baby shower gift guide will give you plenty of inspiration.

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Dualit's Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide

Choosing the perfect wedding gift can be challenging. To save you the trouble, we've rounded up our top wedding gifts that are sure to please the happy couple.

How do you find a gift that is, thoughtful, useful and good value for money? The key is to choose quality pieces that will last them a lifetime. Read on to find out which products we recommend to help make the newlyweds' house feel like a home.

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Four Dualit products to invest in

In this current economy, it is essential to start becoming more frugal. However, being frugal doesn't mean counting the pennies or scouring the internet for hours to find the best deal. Being frugal means becoming more economical and trying your best to be less wasteful. By spending slightly more on a higher-quality product, you often find that it has a greater life span than its counterparts. Plus, you can slowly reduce your energy bills by investing in more energy-efficient products.

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Dualit's top tips for a great barbecue!

All too often in the UK our changeable weather, even in the height of summer, can lead to barbecue nightmares. However when we are lucky enough for the rain to stop and the sun to appear, barbeques can be a gastronomic feast of pure joy; seemingly never-ending summer nights stretching into the early hours, mouth-watering smokey aromas wafting through the air and the sizzling sound of barbecued food.

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Meaty Marinades for a Brilliant Barbecue

What better way to make the most of the warmer weather than outside in the sunshine, in the company of good friends and family, enjoying the smoky delights of the humble barbecue? It's time to dust off the grill, get out the tongs and start preparing some marvellous marinades to impress your guests this summer.

Marinating is the best way to make your choice of protein mouth-wateringly tasty. Originally, marinating involved the treatment of food with brine or coarse salt in order to tenderise meats. Over time, this process evolved to include a wider variety of ingredients such as an oil, herbs, spices and often an acidic element that worked to not only tenderise the meat, but also add depth and flavour. Now, the marinating process can take anywhere from one hour to several days depending on the protein and is used across a plethora of cuisines.

Check out some of our favourite marinades below:

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How to recreate the perfect afternoon tea at home

Any joyful occasion or sunny spell should be celebrated with a pleasant afternoon cream tea. Perched in a comfortable chair surrounded by delicate, flavoursome food whilst enjoying your friends or family's company is a much-loved British tradition.

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Top Tips to save energy

Climate change and the recent rise of living costs has sparked a wave of concern, and the pressure is on to make eco-friendly changes to your home. However, large eco-friendly implementations are not always sustainable long-term solutions or financially viable practices. We recommend that you dip your toe in the eco-friendly pool by incorporating a few of these simple steps within your kitchen routine and habits. Within some time, you may even become a more eco-conscious household.

Photo credit to: @Simplycandikatie

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Easy Picnic Food Ideas

With Summer fast approaching and the promise of sunshine and warmer weather, what better way to relax and enjoy the outdoors than by dining out in the open with a homemade picnic hamper, full of sweet treats and savoury surprises for a delicious spread.

From simple salads, sandwiches and scotch eggs to energy balls, granola bars, baked goods and jellies, the possibilities for picnic hampers are endless. We've put together a selection of our favourite summertime recipes for you to add to your bag, alongside some suggestions for how you can pack up your food in an easy, sustainable and mess-free fashion.

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Ice Cube Infusions

With Summer fast approaching and the temperature rising, keeping yourself cool and hydrated is becoming a top priority. Infused ice cubes make the perfect addition to your favourite cocktails, mocktails or even plain water, adding a subtle extra flavour to really enhance your choice of beverage (with the added bonus of being visually aesthetic too)! You can either freeze ice cubes then simply pop into your drink, or you can even blend or crush them to form a slushy texture.

They're perfect for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, family get-togethers, or to make any gathering or simple occasion feel extra special. We've collated some of our top picks for the best fruits, herbs and flavours that you can try experimenting with to liven up your drinks.

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Gift Inspiration for Father's Day

Celebrate Father's Day with Dualit! Are you on the hunt for a perfect Father's Day present? Our new gift guide is a great way to find thoughtful products that are guaranteed to make your Dad smile. What are his passions? Is he an avid chef, coffee connoisseur or designer-loving type of dad? Whatever gives him that spark for life - you can find a Dualit product that best suits his taste by reading below.

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