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How to buy the best coffee machine

There are so many ways of making coffee that investing in a coffee machine for your home can be confusing. Before buying a coffee machine, you need to have identified what coffee you most enjoy drinking, how often you want to drink it and how many cups you will usually want to make.

If a cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning is a necessity, but you don't have much time before leaving the house then a capsule machine could offer you the speed and convenience you need. If drinking coffee is a way of relaxing and you like to take your time, then a machine that can make a larger amount and keep it warm, might be a better option.


Bean to Cup Machines

The machine will grind your chosen bean to the desired grind size, then automatically tamp and extract the espresso into your cup. Bean to cup machines offer an easy way of making coffee from the bean, as apart from selecting the type of grind and the type of coffee you want the machine will do all the work for you.

Espresso Coffee Machines

A "pump" machine where hot water is pushed through a coffee filter at the correct bar pressure to create the rich, dense crema associated with the perfect espresso. Thermobloc heating systems heat water quickly. You have the choice to buy already ground coffee or buy beans and grind them yourself if you have a grinder. Espresso coffee machines work best with finely ground coffee. The machine usually comes with a holder for you to measure in the coffee which will then require tamping. This involves patting down the coffee so it is not too loose in the holder and smoothing the top surface. Some machines have a frothing arm for steaming and frothing milk for lattes and cappuccinos, giving you a wider choice of drinks.

Filter Coffee Machines

Water is poured into the tank in the top of the machine. The machine heats and then dispenses hot water to a filter filled with ground coffee. This drips through slowly to a carafe below, from which the black coffee can then be poured. The carafe usually sits on a hot plate that keeps the coffee warm. Filter coffee machines are good for making coffee in large quantities and are easy to use. Filters can vary between disposable paper filters and reusable filters that can be washed.

Pod or Capsule Machines

These machines use coffee that is pre-ground and tamped and packed into a capsule. The machine pierces the capsule and hot water is forced through to extract the coffee. Capsules are mess-free, fast and convenient; ideal if you don't want to spend a lot of time making coffee. Some machines also offer the option to froth milk, ideal if you like milky coffees such as lattes. Depending on the machine you purchase you may be limited to buying a certain brand of capsules that are compatible.



The higher the number of watts a coffee machine has, the faster the water will reach the required temperature.

Automatic shut-off

Machines with this feature will switch off automatically after a certain time if unused; saving energy and helping to keep the machine is good working order.

Steam Arm

If you like milk in your coffee then a built-in steam arm or frother will help you create a wider variety of coffees, such as macchiatos, cappuccinos and lattes.

Heating Element

Coffee machine systems that need to heat a large amount of water, such as though used professionally, will usually be fitted with a boiler. Thermoblock heating systems heat water quickly to the optimum temperature for making coffee (90-95 degrees), without overheating and boiling the coffee. They are more commonly found in domestic espresso machines. Water is heated in a metal block with an exterior element. Thermoblock systems can switch between providing hot water and steam.

Ease of use

How much time do you want to spend making your coffee? Pod and capsule machines provide the quickest option. Programmable memory for dispensing and cup sizes with touch buttons are often easier to operate and faster than manual machines. Filter machines, percolators and cafetieres are easy to operate but require time to brew.

Size and weight

Machines vary in size, with capsule machines more likely to be smaller. Consider the space you have on your worktop. If you plan to store your machine inbetween uses be aware that some, such as a bean to cup, can be heavy and not practical to move around.

Espresso Coffee Machine

Dualit's Espresso Coffee Machine is fast, easy to use, makes consistently good coffee and won't take too much space on your worktop.

  • Compatible with ground coffee and ESE pods
  • Manual dosing machine
  • Boiler heating system
  • Small worktop foot print
  • Capacity to make 10 - 15 espresso shots
  • Fast heat-up time of 90 seconds from power on
  • Simple dial control - turn for steam or coffee
  • Water level indicator
  • Can steam enough milk for two lattes before the boiler needs to recharge
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Light-weight

Bean to Go Machine

Create your coffee shop favourites at home at the touch of a button

  • Produces café quality coffee at home
  • Five adjustable grind settings to suit your coffee beans
  • 'One touch' espresso, lungo and double shot buttons
  • Double shot button grinds twice and extracts twice
  • Pre-brewing infusion to extract the full flavour & aroma of the beans for an authentic coffee taste at home
  • Steam wand for frothing milk & dispensing hot water
  • Fast, powerful thermobloc heating system
  • Stylish, compact design that's small in footprint on your worktop
  • ECO Mode - cuts illumination and decreases auto shut-off time
  • Speed Mode - allows you to make coffees faster
  • Touch buttons can be operated with wet hands
  • Adjustable nozzle to accommodate different height cups
  • Programmable dosing memory recalls your favourite cup size
  • Low power mode kicks in between shots
  • Auto-flushes before every use to keep the machine clean
  • Removable infuser, coffee grinds container and drip trays for easy cleaning
  • Descale function with warning light

Espress-auto 4in1 Coffee & Tea Machine

A choice of coffee and teas with programmable touch buttons for ease of use

  • Use a choice of ground coffee, ESE Pods, Coffee capsules or tea capsules
  • Tea function to boost water temperature when using tea capsules
  • Programmable dosing memory
  • Automatic cooling purge when switching from tea to coffee
  • Easy to use steam wand
  • Automatic switch-off after 30 minutes
  • 1.5l removable water tank
  • Extra height for larger cups

Cino™ Milk Steamer

Designed for commercial use, but compact enough to fit in your kitchen

  • Froths and steams milk to a professional standard
  • Sleek, stainless steel design
  • Freestanding, compact, portable machine
  • Powerful, thermobloc element provising continuous steam on demand
  • Heats milk in one minute (dependant on milk type, ambient and milk temperature)
  • Descale function with advance warning light
  • Water filter system to reduce limescale
  • Numbered dial to set for month descale is due
  • Includes 850ml bowled milk frothing jug, themometer and three water filters

3in1 Coffee Machine

Same choice of coffee and teas as the Espress-auto, but with manual operation

  • Use a choice of ground coffee, ESE Pods, Coffee capsules or tea capsules
  • Pure Pour® technology creates smooth coffee streams for the perfect crem
  • Easy to use steam wand
  • Thermobloc heating system gets the machine ready to use in 45 seconds
  • 1.5L removable water tank
  • Extra height for larger cups


A fast, convenient drop-through capsule machine that makes espressos, lungos and teas at the touch of a button

  • Dualit and Nespresso® compatible*
  • Simple, touch button operation
  • Programmable dosing memory
  • Tea function to boost water temperature when using tea capsules
  • Dedicated espresso and lungo settings
  • Thermobloc heating system
  • Automatic switch-off after ten minutes
  • 800ml removable water tank
  • Descale warning light and descaling program