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Food Preparation

When it comes to preparing food at home, we believe our food prep range has every job covered. However, it can be daunting working out which product is for you; as ever, we'd like to give you a helping hand...

Hand Mixer

The Dualit hand mixer is ALL about baking. If a house steeped in the smell of warm bread (yes, you can make bread with it), and a table littered with cake decorations is your idea of heaven, then this is the product for you.

There's something about baking that brings people together, and it doesn't need to be just on special occasions. We bake to share, we enjoy what we've baked in company; in fact the word 'company' comes from the Latin com panis - the breaking of bread. Maybe you've always made cakes and bread by hand and now yearn for a product to do the hard work for you, or perhaps you've got young kids and want to introduce them to cooking in a way that'll be fun and not too disastrous. Whatever the reason, the Dualit hand mixer can help you safely and without too much elbow grease.

However, there's more to our hand mixer than meets the eye. It's compact, affordable, hard working and seriously sleek. With a retractable flex and integral plug storage, it packs away into the smallest space. It comes with two dough hooks, a pair of super-solid, flat beaters and a balloon whisk - merinques, sauces and pastry are just as achievable as the perfect sponge cake. It's baking plus batters and mash!


An expert at sumptuous smoothies and soups, The Dualit blender is a straightforward, solid addition to health conscious family life. It’s fun and easy to use - if you like to experiment, just throw in your ingredients and watch it work in a riot of colour. If you’re a cocktail fanatic it’s fabulous, whether you want to entertain with panache on summer evenings, or inject some sunshine into your winter nights.

Our blender turns ice to snow in seconds - essential for the perfect daiquiri. Not only that, but if your partying days are on hold for a while, it’s a must for making your own baby food. The Dualit blender is three parts health freak and one part hedonist. After all, we can’t be good all the time…

Hand Blender

If you're someone who loves to cook, but also needs the freedom of a multi-tasking compact product, the Dualit hand blender is for you. Maybe you'll fancy a smoothie today, then find yourself volunteering to bake a cake tomorrow. If you're someone who likes to experiment and know what's in your food, who doesn't like to compromise yet knows that time is tight, our hand blender will help.

It's a powerful, portable, kitchen assistant and can do a bit of pretty much everything. It chops, whisks, purées, blends and mixes; its range of attachments is highly adaptable and its speeds infinitely variable. No job is too small or too large - if it's just you at home, the range of blades make cooking for one much quicker; if you're catering in bulk, you can take the blender to the pan so there's no limit on volume. Whatever you like to cook, drink, bake or chop, the hand blender makes it easier and does it well. Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time…

Juice Extractor

The Dualit Juice extractor does exactly what it says it will – extract juice, perfectly. For the health conscious, those with kids, or those who want fresh juice without having to pay supermarket prices, our juicer will prove invaluable. To obtain the optimum juice, the pulp and froth need to be separated from the main, which requires a different mechanism to that of our other food prep products. This is why we’re proud that our juicer just juices; and what it does, it does brilliantly.

It juices continuously, safely and with no wasted energy. Whether you’ve just picked the kids up from school, or are slowly waking into Sunday morning, imagine being able to pop whole apples in the top and have delicious fresh juice in seconds. It’s that easy. The Dualit Juice Extractor makes being healthy a piece of cake. (Just… without the cake).

Food Processor

A Dualit food processor is the ultimate sous-chef. It’s like having an extra pair of hands that will do what you ask, seamlessly, every single time. Maybe you’re already an accomplished chef and want to prep flawless food without doing it all yourself. Or maybe you’re new to cooking but are feeling inspired  - trust us, your family and friends will be staggered! Our processors are the most powerful, intelligent and versatile on the market, yet they're compact and even look good too. All in all, Dualit puts the 'pro' in processor.

If you’re not sure which model to choose, it depends on how many you’re cooking for. The XL900 is the smaller of our two food processors, but it's powerful enough to blend 2 litres of home made soup,  knead a small loaf or pizza base (2lb / 1kg), mix a 3lb / 1.5kg fruit cake or a 4 egg sponge cake.  Maybe you're starting a family and have grown out of your hand blender, or downsizing and want one product that does it all. If so, this is the food processor for you. The XL1500 can cope with larger amounts and higher demands - for families of 4 or more it's ideal. Despite only being slightly larger and heavier than its compatriot, it can mix and knead almost double the amount.

Mini Oven

The Dualit mini oven has all the functionality of a regular fan oven - it’s just smaller. So, if you love to host, it’ll increase your capacity without taking up too much space; if you're an avid cook, you can keep your Yorkshire pud separate from your apple pie; if you have an oil fired stove, but need something controllable that wont heat you up too much either, it’s perfect; and if you’re really pushed for space and catering for one or two, it can be all the oven you need.

It bakes, defrosts, grills, and heats up rapidly. It has a 2-hour timer, and a top temperature equivalent to other fan ovens. It’s got a warming rack above where you can safely leave plates or put bowls of veg before second helpings; and it's even aesthetically designed, so if you don’t want to stow it between uses, it’ll look chic on your worktop.