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The name Dualit is synonymous with the word toaster - we live and breathe toasting bread. We've got models to suit every need, whether domestic or commercial; for those of you buying for your own home, rest assured that if our toasters can survive the gruelling daily regime of a commercial kitchen, they can certainly perform for you and your family for many years to come. And whilst we're at it.... everyone knows you need tea with toast. Our kettles make great accompaniments!

Classic Toaster

The Dualit Classic Toaster is the result of 60 years of expertise - it's engineered to commercial standards and built to last. All parts are replaceable and, since it's hand assembled at our factory in England, we're present at every step of the way so quality control is ensured. Each classic toaster is fitted with Dualit ProHeat® elements that toast to perfection and are virtually unbreakable. They're also available in pretty much any colour you need, so if you're finding it tricky to match your products to your kitchen, we can usually help.

Our classic toasters are available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 slot models and have slot-selector switches to turn off redundant slots and help save on bills. Our NewGen® models also include a bagel function, so you can toast only the insides if desired. If you want to invest in a design classic that will do the job and last, this could almost be your toaster for life! Sandwich cages are available to purchase for the Classic Toaster, designed for toasting sandwiches safely without the filling spilling out and damaging the toaster. And for the quirky amongst you, we're proud to introduce our two 2-slot collaborations with Marmite and Emma Bridgewater. They're distinct characters in their own right, and we hope you'll love them as much as we do.

Classic toaster sandwich cage

If you’d like to make your classic toaster more versatile or fancy having a sandwich toaster some, but not all, of the time, the Dualit classic sandwich cage is for you. It even comes with a cookbook to help you think beyond cheese and ham! However, if that is your favourite toasted sandwich, you don’t need to worry about the cheese damaging the toaster. Because it’s held vertically, gravity stops it spilling out the sides, and there’s a drip tray at the bottom of the cage to ensure it never leaks.

If toasting sandwiches is something you love to do, you might want to look at our combi or sandwich models instead – they already have the sandwich cages included!

Warming rack

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Dualit warming rack will transform your toaster! As well as allowing you to toast super-thick, home cut bread, you can crisp tortillas and heat croissants and naan breads without having to turn the oven on once. It fits neatly over all of our classic toasters and is easy and compact to store.

Combi Toasters

If you don’t know whether to buy a sandwich toaster or a regular toaster, or would love both but don’t have the worktop space, the Dualit combi could be your ideal solution. With the functionality, longevity and colour range of our classic toasters, the combi is rather like a pick’n’mix - a versatile 2 in 1 without any need for extras. You can choose between two models: the 2 slot bread + 1 slot sandwich, or 2 slot bread + 2 slot sandwich (sandwich cages included in both). They’re perfect for families with different tastes who want to eat together without any hassle. And should you ever want to use all 3 or 4 slots cage-less for just plain toast, then that’s fine too!

Bun toasters and sandwich toasters

Our bun toasters and our sandwich toasters are subject to the same controls and work to the same high standards as every other toaster in our classic range. However, they’re specifically designed for the job in hand, so excellent for those who find themselves having to cater for large numbers. Ideal for cafès and venues, the bun toasters come in 4 and 6 slot models, and have ingenious elements that will stand up perfectly to sticky crumpets, muffins and more. They'll toast one side whilst warming the other - which is just what you need when cooking teacakes, buns and bagels. The sandwich toasters are available in 2 and 4 slots, and come complete with cages that keep your sandwich filling where it’s meant to be, as well as extra deep slots to cope with larger loaves. Each is perfect for turning out large numbers, consistently well. The only limit is your imagination!

Architect toasters

Architect is the latest toaster and kettle offering that blends the technical, the practical and the aesthetic. Designed for the modern home, the range not only boasts a contemporary industrial-inspired look with clean, smooth curves but benefits from intuitive and reliable functionality. Each Architect toaster and kettle also features panels that can be changed by the user. With plans to offer an evolving kaleidoscope of panel options, Architect owners will be able to update the colour of their products time and time again - a truly unique and imaginative development.

Lite Toaster

The Dualit Lite is an affordable yet sturdy alternative to our Classic range, ideal for everyday use in any home. For a pop-up toaster, its incredibly versatile – it has defrost and bagel settings (you have the option of only toasting the insides if that’s what you prefer), and you can even toast sandwiches with the Lite sandwich cage accessory. The slots are extra wide and the styling is solid but sleek. It comes in 2 and 4 slot models and both have our Peek & Pop® facility which means you can handily check on your toast without stopping the programme!

Lite Sandwich Cages

If you want to make the most of your extra wide slots, the Lite sandwich cages will help you turn your Dualit Lite into a sandwich toaster! For teacakes, buns, deep-fill sandwiches and more… you can basically put anything you like in them, providing it’s surrounded by bread. And you don’t need to worry about cheese leaking – since the sandwiches are held vertically, the cheese wont spill out of the sides, and there’s a drip tray at the bottom of each cage to prevent it going elsewhere!

Dualit Catering pop up toaster

Catering pop-up

If you find you’re making more breakfasts and needing more slices of toast in less time than even our Classic 6 slot can deliver, help is at hand in the form of the Dualit catering pop-up toaster!

It’ll go on and on for hours without burning, and even has a Peek & Pop® function – the first catering toaster on the market that allows you to check how browned your bread is without interrupting the programme. As well as that, it’ll look smart at your breakfast bar.

Conveyor Toasters

Ideal for commercial use, Dualit conveyor toasters come in three widths – one, two or three slice – and can toast up to 500 slices per hour consistently. They can be used back or front of house.

Jug Kettles

The Dualit Jug kettles are the smallest in our kettle range and have the most contemporary aesthetic. The 1.5L is a versatile choice for couples (plus the odd guest), and the 1L is perfect for anything from a batchelor pad to a boutique hotel. If you're a Hotelier who'd like rooms with facilities that do the job, last and look good, this kettle is ideal. Because they’re only small, it’s harder for guests to accidentally overfill, saving energy too.

Dome Kettles

The Dualit Dome Kettles have a traditional hob-type look, allowing you to boil more water without compromising on worktop space. They come in two sizes, 1.7L and 2L; essential for families or keen cooks. It’s not just brewing hot drinks they’ll help you with, but anything that requires boiling water. So, if you’re cooking large amounts of pasta for the kids or preparing potatoes to go with your Sunday roast, you wont have to put the kettle on twice!