Be Aware

When not to use your toaster

Dualit's Classic Toasters are built to last, but over time wear and tear can occur. Be aware of any changes to how your toaster operates and its condition.

If your toaster shows any sign of damage, unplug and do not use. The types of damage to look out for may include:

  • Damage to the power cord, such as splits or kinks
  • Any visible cracks in the toaster body
  • Dents in the body

If when turned on, you notice your toaster is omitting an odd smell, don't ignore it! Turn it off, unplug and give us a call. The same applies if your toaster is sparking when in use.

Is your timer slow, or sticking?

Never use your Classic Toaster if you notice that the timer is operating slowly or sticking. Unplug the toaster and contact Dualit to arrange a repair. The timer unit is a replaceable part and the process of replacing it is relatively simple, however we advise you not to use your toaster until it is repaired.

Remember: Toasters are an attended appliance and should not be left unattended during use and always switched off at the socket when not in use!

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