Be Aware

Key Safety Information

Every time you use your toaster, make sure you follow these instructions!

Unplug after use

The golden rule with appliances is to unplug when not in use. This is especially relevant to heat producing appliances such as toasters. Unplugging your toaster after use avoids any risk of fire caused by a faulty appliance or faulty electrics

Did you know that all toasters sold in Europe and North America regardless of brand, including all Dualit models, are classified as an ‘Attended Appliance’ by international approval bodies and the international safety standards which govern small electrical appliances including toasters? A toaster should not be left in operation without being supervised. Put simply, toasting bread is the process of applying heat to a combustible substance and therefore, care and attention must always be taken when using a toaster. This applies to any make or model of toaster.
BeAware! Don't leave your toaster unattended  preview

Dualit has, since 2014, patented and put into production on our domestic and conveyor toasters a thermal protection device which will cause the toaster to shut off if it detects that it is overheating. We are the only toaster manufacturer to have such a device. However, this will not prevent unattended bread from burning. Toasters are perfectly safe to use as long as they are used in accordance with the instruction manual.

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