Be Aware

How to clean your toaster safely

When it is time to give your Classic Toaster a clean, first make sure it is switched off and unplugged. If you have just been using your toaster, leave it to cool down before starting.

  • Empty your crumb tray regularly - this is vital to avoid a risk of fire.
  • Don't use any chemicals or liquids to clean inside the toaster slots. We recommend using a soft brush to loosen any crumbs that are stuck so that they fall to the crumb tray.
  • To clean the die cast aluminium end castings, we recommend using just a damp cloth and then polish dry with a soft dry cloth.

  • To clean the central cover where the slots are, you could use a stainless steel cleaner. However be careful not to use this on the end castings as the chemicals could cause discolouration.

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