Dualit charges ahead in catering with the brand new Rhinochef range

Rhinochef range is built with the busy, professional kitchen in mind.

Continually at the forefront of food preparation with their innovative and durable equipment, and with roots firmly in the catering industry, Dualit is proud to announce the launch of the Rhinochef range (www.rhinochef.com). Encompassing a succinct collection of sturdy, easy to use kitchen essentials the Rhinochef range is built with the busy, professional kitchen in mind.

Countertop deep fat fryers in three different sizes offer a handy solution to creating the crispiest of foods. Each fryer is engineered in stainless steel with removable controls, elements and oil carriers. Available as 5L and 6L (with tap) single or 8L double fryer (2x 4L), each model quickly heats up to 190°C and includes heavy duty mesh baskets, 'power' and 'ready' indicators and a safety temperature cut-out.

The Salamander Grill is the ideal aide to producing the perfect finishing golden touch to the tops of lasagne, pies or desserts. With three grill positions the Salamander is a versatile and convenient way to create grilled dishes in a bustling kitchen.

Contact grills play an essential part in the kitchen, useful throughout the day be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Rhinochef range includes three sizes: single for individual portions, the Panini - perfect for toasted sandwiches, and a double grill for versatility. Each model features robust cast iron ridged top plates, a thermostatically controlled temperature range of 50 - 300oC and a removable drip tray for easy cleaning.

Perfect for locations where you might not want to install additional equipment in a busy kitchen, the Rhinochef Griddle provides extra capacity when required. It boasts a stainless steel griddle plate specifically designed to ensure even heat across the entire cooking area. Its versatility means you can cook virtually anything from eggs and bacon to most fish, steaks and even onions and tomatoes.

Explore the range at www.rhinochef.com