Introducing the new Blender from Dualit

Launched this December, the new Dualit Blender is set to become the indispensable kitchen gadget.

Incorporating exclusive VortecSÓ technology, this blender can chop, purée and blitz soups and smoothies thanks to a multi-dimensional, innovative mixing action.

With people expecting more and more from their food preparation equipment, the Dualit blender will not disappoint. With seven settings and a working volume of 2 litres (using auto pulse) the blender is incredibly versatile. The unique auto pulse function automatically times the blend to allow the mixture to settle in stages and maximises contact with the blades for a smooth finish that is ideal for creamy soups.

The ice crush setting blitzes ice on impact, starting with one large pulse before several smaller pulses to create a snow drift of fine ice in moments.

To ensure all-important uniform blending, Dualit's VortecS technology sees two uniquely designed fins in the sides of the jar work alongside a precision-engineered, six-pronged blade to create an irregular blending action that continually forces the ingredients into the main chopping zone.

With ingenuity at the heart of the blender's design and thanks to an ultra powerful 1000W engine, the toughest of ingredients can be tackled.

For easy cleaning, the heavy duty toughened jug - the first Tritan jug blender in the UK, is dishwasher proof whilst being light enough to be effortlessly handled and manoeuvred. Every aspect of the new Dualit blender has been carefully considered with home cooking in mind.

Technical specifications:

  • Size cm: 16(w) x 21(d) x 39.5(h)
  • Power: 1000W
  • Working Volume (using auto pulse): 2 litres
  • Material: Bright Chrome

New Blender RRP £149 >