#BetterWithDualit – Blogger Antonia Ludden’s Top Coffee Bar Picks

Blogger Antonia Ludden from top interiors blog #TidyLife has been sharing her tips for bringing a coffee bar vibe to your kitchen, featuring our Espress-auto 4 in 1 machine.

Antonia says, "The key to creating a fully-fledged coffee bar was the addition of a chic and stylish coffee machine, so I can make like a barista in my own home! Not only does it look the part, it is super multi-functional, able to dispense coffee and tea too. On top of that, you can use pods or ground coffee if you wish. How versatile is that? Having a built-in steam wand means you can create frothy milk for lattes and cappuccinos, something I've been experimenting with - I've still got to perfect a design in my milk though! The variety of pods available is also really great; I've been trying a few out, from Classic Espresso to a delicious seasonal Christmas blend."