Try something different with Dualit's Fine Tea Capsules

Dualit puts the spotlight on tea with the most important development since the pyramid tea bag, bringing innovation and premiumisation to the category with new Fine Tea Capsules that can be used in Dualit and Nespresso®* machines to offer customers even greater choice.

The exceptional tea blends and infusions are sourced from the finest gardens, supporting Dualit's dedication to quality. English Breakfast is sourced from the Rift Valley region of East Africa, widely considered to produce some of the best quality tea in the world. Each capsule is individually sealed and wrapped to lock in freshness and enhance the tea's distinctive flavours and characteristics.

Leslie Gort-Barten, Dualit's Managing Director, discovered through extensive testing that by correctly aligning a combination of factors he was able to perfect dual-patented tea capsules. Dualit's patented 'pressure drop' technology reduces the pressure created by Dualit Coffee Machines or Nespresso® Machines to a gentle pressure that extracts the finest flavour from the tea leaves in seconds, while the patented microfiltration gives an exceptional taste and unsurpassed clarity. The result is a perfect cup of tea every time.

Dualit's Fine Tea patented capsules means there's no time wasted waiting for a kettle to boil or for your tea to brew (traditional recommended steep times range from 2 - 4 minutes); you will be able to enjoy a cup of tea in as little as 60 seconds instead of five minutes. There are also no teabag drips or spills to deal with thanks to the mess free capsule design.

The collection includes English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green Tea, Blackcurrant and Peppermint, so there's something to suit every taste, from an invigorating early morning cup to a relaxing digestif after dinner.

Proudly produced by Dualit in Great Britain.

Range available now from our website.

Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A. *Suitable for drop through machines only. Excluding professional machines and 'built in' models.