New Compostable Coffee Bags

Dualit is delighted to introduce its new Compostable+ Coffee Bags. The bags provide all the great taste of indulgent cafetière coffee with none of the mess and are perfect for those who don't want to compromise on taste but are short on time. As a bonus, the coffee bags boast eco credentials, being 100% compostable.

The new Compostable Coffee Bags use great tasting coffee crafted by Kristina, Dualit's Master Roaster. Simple to use, all that is required is a mug and a kettle making the Compostable Coffee Bags highly accessible - you can make delicious tasting coffee at home, in the office or before heading out the door with a handy travel mug. With a conveniently short brew time of only 1-2 minutes, dependent on the desired strength, the new bags deliver an authentic coffee experience, without the resulting mess or faff from using a cafetière.

Four flavours are available in the range - Intense, Sumatra Mandheling, Lungo Americano and Decaf Blend. All of which use grounds from Fairtrade beans that have been carefully selected from the world's finest growing regions by Dualit's expert Q Grader coffee tasters.

Dualit's Compostable Coffee Bags are ideal for those aiming to make simple swaps in their lives to help reduce waste. 100% compostable, the used coffee bags and sachets can simply be placed into an authorised food waste bin for collection by the council, where they will be broken down in 90 days using natural heat to become compost. With each bag individually wrapped and sealed in a protective atmosphere, the 'just roasted' aroma and taste of the expertly ground coffee is locked in, meaning it stays fresher for longer. What's more, the individual packaging is great for grabbing on the go, making it possible to keep a supply in a bag or desk drawer without the worry of stale coffee.

Dualit Compostable Coffee Bags are available now priced at £3 for a box of 10.

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+Suitable for industrial composting through authorised food waste collection schemes.