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How to make a Cappuccino at home ☕️

At Dualit, we love playing the role of a barista and we're not the only ones! Cappuccinos are proving to be one of the most popular types of coffee in the UK. Did you know that the cappuccino originated in Italy and is traditionally consumed once a day with breakfast?

In the UK a huge 65% of coffee is drunk at home and Dualit is here help you make that coffee the best tasting it can be.

Try creating your own by following these simple steps, to create an upscaled version of your everyday cup of coffee.

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Introducing Dualit’s First Organic Compostable Coffee Capsule

At Dualit, we take coffee seriously, which is why when creating our newest coffee profile, we relied on the expertise of our Master Roaster, Kristina, Product Development Manager, Rob and Director, Alex to decide which capsule deserved a place within our current compostable⁺ range.

Initially Kristina was looking at what would be the best Single Origin coffee to launch as our newest and first ever compostable organic coffee capsule. However, when we tasted the Ethiopian and Colombian combined, it blew all precedent out the window. This had to be the blend!

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Compostable Sumatra Mandheling capsules are selected as a finalist for The Caterer's Product Excellence Award 2017!

Dualit are proud to announce our honourable espresso, Fairtrade Compostable Sumatra Mandheling coffee pod has been selected as a finalist for The Caterer's Product Excellence Award 2017!

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Learn more about our new look compostable packaging

The same great, indulgent flavour of two premium, ethically sourced single origin coffees in a luxury craft, artisan box. Be on trend and environmentally friendly with Dualit's compostable pod range.

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Compostable Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Capsules have been selected as a finalist for The Grocer New Product Awards

Dualit are proud to announce Compostable Sumatra Mandheling coffee capsules have been selected as a finalist for The Grocer New Product Awards.

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What next? Recyclability and sustainability

Dualit has reduced packaging by over 50% since it started manufacturing Dualit and Nespresso® Compatible* capsules in the UK in 2013. Coffee pods are viewed by some as wasteful, but we want to reassure customers that Dualit NX® capsules are 100% recyclable.

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Dualit Café Barista Training

Dualit's range of coffee machines allows you to create a wide menu of coffee shop style drinks in your home. Here is a quick training session to turn you into a barista...

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Make the Perfect Coffee for your Macmillan Coffee Morning

Dualit are really excited to be supporting Macmillan World's Biggest Coffee Morning 2015. To celebrate we have put together some top tips to make the perfect coffee. Add a touch of sophistication to your coffee morning with the delicious taste of a Dualit coffee and tea capsules and know that 30p per pack* is helping to ensure that no one has to face cancer alone. Now coffee and cake really does taste better together.

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Try something different with Dualit's Fine Tea Capsules

Dualit puts the spotlight on tea with the most important development since the pyramid tea bag, bringing innovation and premiumisation to the category with new Fine Tea Capsules that can be used in Dualit and Nespresso®* machines to offer customers even greater choice.

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