XL1500 Food Processor

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Super sized

Dualit's XL1500 food processor comprises Three interconnecting bowls, nine tools for chopping, mixing, slicing and shredding a unique E-disc for emulsifying liquids and a dough blade. Other unique features include a sealed drive system (the large bowl has no central hole) and a fully adjustable slicer. Its ingenious design means that you can fit both bowls inside each other, removing each one as it's used and leaving the washing up until last.


Flexible and convenient:

  • Three good-sized multipurpose bowls
  • Three different blades

Multiple safety features

  • Non-slip sucker feet keep the processor in place
  • A safety interlock system ensures the motor will not run unless lid is secured to the large bowl and/or the large bowl is secured to the main body
  • Overheat cut-out will stop the power if the processor gets too hot

Robust and resourceful:

  • The sealed drive allows you to keep food in the bowl throughout the recipe

Fast and effective:

  • The unique special design E-disc will emulsify liquids and whisk egg whites and cream to perfection in seconds

Hard working:

  • The strength of the bakery grade dough blade allows you to produce breads and pastries quickly with no hand kneading.


  • The unique adjustable slicing disc offers a choice of slice widths within one blade- from 0.5mm- 7.5mm

Easy storage:

  • The Accessory toolbox and removable power cord offer easy transportation and convenient storage

Easy clean:

  • All attachments are dishwasher safe.

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