XL1500 Food Processor

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Super sized

Dualit's XL1500 food processor comprises Three interconnecting bowls, nine tools for chopping, mixing, slicing and shredding a unique E-disc for emulsifying liquids and a dough blade. Other unique features include a sealed drive system (the large bowl has no central hole) and a fully adjustable slicer. Its ingenious design means that you can fit both bowls inside each other, removing each one as it's used and leaving the washing up until last.


Accessories for XL1500 Food Processor

Dough blade

Dough blade - XL1500, XL900 & DFP1

Become a master baker at home

Large Bowl - White Handle - XL1500 & DFP1

Large multi purpose bowl with sealed drive

Large blade

Large blade - XL1500 & DFP1

Medium Bowl - XL1500 & DFP1

Use this as a secondary bowl for slightly smaller quantities.

Medium blade

Medium blade - XL1500 & DFP1

Small bowl - XL1500 & DFP1

Optional extra

Small blade - XL1500 & DFP1

Small blade

Food processor grating disc

Shredding disc - XL1500 & DFP1

Food processor shredding disc

Grate & shaving disc - XL1500 & DFP1

Adjustable slicer

Adjustable slicing disc - XL1500 & DFP1

E-Disc - Emulsifier - XL1500 & DFP1

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