Peppermint Infusion

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Peppermint Infusion

A soothing and uplifting infusion

Dualit 3 in 1 and Nespresso®* Compatible Tea Capsules

The classic digestif, celebrated for its revitalising benefits. Best enjoyed without milk.

Perfection in a Cup: Our premium grade tea is carefully protected in an oxygen-free environment which locks freshness into every capsule, enhancing the distinctive flavours and characteristics. 20 capsules per box.

Revolution in Flavour: Tea is gently pressurised which releases the perfect flavour in seconds. No more waiting for your tea to brew. Superior taste, less time. Proudly made in the UK.

Ingredients: 100% Peppermint

*Excluding professional machines and 'built in' models. Nespresso trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé



Perfect for:

After a meal or at the end of the day

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