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Adding flexibility to your classic toaster

The Dualit sandwich cage is perfect for extending the flexibility of your Vario or NewGen toaster. It comes with inspirational recipes to give you lots of ideas for toasted sandwiches beyond the traditional fillings'

Key Features

Behind The Scenes...

  • Hand built in the UK:

    Each one is hand-assembled and features the assembler’s individual mark on the base plate

  • Environmentally responsible:

    Fully repairable or replaceable parts for a toaster that will last a lifetime

  • Unique patented ProHeat® elements:

    Exclusive to Dualit, ProHeat elements have a protective armour plated layer covering the filament making them virtually unbreakable


  • One cage per pack
  • Fits all Classic toasters with Dualit’s standard 28mm slots
  • Comprises an integral drip tray to prevent spillages inside your toaster
  • Two heatproof handles make it easy to lift out your toasted sandwich once it’s ready
  • The sandwich cage is designed to ‘clamp’ gently around bread and filling, thus keeping sandwich intact whilst toasting

Powered by Proheat elements

Dualit’s patented ProHeat elements are the key feature of the Classic toasters. Their unique, armour-plated design protects the filaments from damage, whilst the extra ‘winds per square cm’ ensure that the bread is toasted more evenly.

  • Protective covering

    The durable protective film keeps the filaments clean and makes our ProHeat elements virtually unbreakable

  • Even toasting

    No element has as many ‘winds per square cm’ as Dualit’s ProHeat element – which makes for the most evenly toasted bread

  • Replaceable

    Elements are the primary cause of failure in toasters. ProHeat elements are therefore replaceable

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