Mini oven

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Perfect for small spaces

Dualit's mini oven provides a cooking solution for both small spaces or as extra oven capacity for a busy kitchen. A table-top fan oven, it can defrost, bake, grill and provide convection cooking all in one compact unit. It comes complete with a wire rack, grilling pan and non-stick baking tray, plus an extensive recipe book with 50 mouthwatering ideas.



Apple Brown Betty

Apples are flavoursome, nutritious, versatile, and widely available.


Wild Mushroom Risotto, Baked Not Stirred

This is a practical and convenient way to cook a risotto, as you do not have to attach yourself to the cooker for 25 minutes of stirring.


Garlic Bruschetta With Tomato & Sweet Onion

Bruschetta is an Italian savoury, originally made in Tuscany to show off the new season’s olive oil at the time of harvest.


Roast Peaches

This makes a fresh, attractive and fruity end to a meal.

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