Hand Blender

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The multi-tasking kitchen assistant

A powerful 500W motor and choice of blades, beaters and balloon whisk make the Dualit hand blender a perfect choice for smaller kitchen tasks. It is highly versatile, easy to store and quick to use, whether you need to chop, purée, whisk or beat small amounts of ingredients.



Chocolate parfait

For an indulgent treat, this creamy, intensely chocolatey pudding is hard to beat.


Mango & Yoghurt Dessert

A healthy, sugar free dessert which can be whipped up in minutes.


Cranberry And Almond Biscuits

Makes approximately 30 small biscuits for serving with creamy or fruit desserts, or with after dinner coffee.


Parmesan Wafers

Light as a feather, these little crisps could not be easier to make.

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