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The indispensable chef’s assistant

Dualit's award-winning food processor comprises three interconnecting bowls, eight tools for chopping, mixing, slicing and shredding, and a unique E-disc for emulsifying liquids. Other unique features include a sealed drive system (the large bowl has no central hole) and a fully adjustable slicer. Its ingenious design means that you can fit all three bowls inside each other, removing each one as it's used and leaving the washing up until last. By choosing the perfect sized bowl for your ingredients, and the right tool for the job, Dualit ensures maximum results with minimum effort.


Whip together the skimmed milk vanilla and icing sugar in the large bowl fitted with the Edisc Loosely chop half of the strawberries in the small bowl fitted with its chopping blade You will need strawberries chilled skimmed milk meringue shells icing sugar vanilla pods and mint

How to make a Low Fat Eton mess.

Try this low fat version of this classic English dessert.

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